Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool 11

I found dropbox to be a really good tool.  I welcome students to share with me their compositions and ideas for performance.
Technology can be used in working with student creativity and musical growth
I was not aware of dropbox.  I think it is a great tool. There is so much out there to help students in every aspect of their learning.  I will continue to seek out these new technologies and encourage the students to explore them as well.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tool 11

When I went to Atomic Learner and opened up the My Training there was nothing there under Assesment

Tool 10

1. Be kind. Understand that everyone can see what you post. It lasts forever!
2. The iSafe course is a great tool that all students should watch.
3. This is something I have had to deal with several times in my career.  Student internet bullying can become a very big problem - especially in a closely knit organization like the band.  A few sour words can totally distruct a good program.
4. The band is a close knit family - monitor your children and make sure that they are following #1.

Tools 9

1. Technology is never the objective in a band rehearsal
2. Students should be held accountable for everything they do in the classroom.  If they aren't responsible - then you are.
3. Not applicable for the band classroom.
4. There are literally thousands. A couple are the metronome and the tuner.
5. Storing mp3 files of the bands repertoire so that the students can listen and work with them on their own.

Tool 8

Mac Books in the Fine Arts - great!  I have been working with Macs for years and they have many useful tools for the musician.  Garage Band allows me to edit recording samples of my band and others I as use them for instruction (listening to the performance of others is a very effective tool to the student - as well as listening to their own performance).  Mac Books also integrate very well with Finale, Smart Music, and Pyware (marching band drafting tool).  I Pads are the musicians best friend.  There are so many tools that can all be held on one device - it can even replace your music folder!

Tool 7

The band classroom is so different from the regular classroom.  We have been collaborating with each other since the very first ensemble was formed in antiquity.  All of our collaboration comes within our group as we listen to each other and match pitch, style, articulation, balance, blend and expression.  Nobody is an individual in the music ensemble.  During a performance all of this is shared with the audience in real time as the musicians even seek to share all of this with the listener.

Tool 6

Google Docs is great.  So much I can do with this.  Wall Wisher looks like another useful tool to keep band kids informed on the activites for the week.

Tool #5 Discussion

There is just so much out there for teachers today.  My problem is incorporating these into a band rehearsal.  The only way I know how to learn music is to practice, practice, and practice some more.  Perhaps there would be more application in a music history or theory class?

Tool #5 Mixbook


Tools #5 video

Tool #4

I'm not sure how I can use Google Tools at this time.  We are performance based - but I will keep it in mind if I have a need for student testing and sharing.  At this time we use Charms and Smart Music for student evaluation.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Copyright & Dropbox

As a musician and band director I have been very familiar with copyright laws all my life. 

As for Dropbox - it looks pretty cool.  Right now I use my flash drive to keep files I want to transport.  My classroom is performance driven - not much time for the kiddos to play on computers.  I do like to share videos of past performances (like - here's what you did at halftime Friday night, now let's fix it!) before and after school hours.

Tool #3 Allen Vizutti and Carnival of Venice - Wow!

Tool # 3 Party Rock!

Tool #2

  1.  Well, I have been around a long time and am much more comfortable just getting together with my colleagues and discussing things.
  2. As a band director most of my time is spent in a productive rehearsal. When I come home I prefer to have my family time - computers are a tool to use at work.
  3. I really don't care much to share my thought publicly, but thanks for trying!


Hi everyone.  Looking forward to being at Stratford HS